Winter White


Very fitting for one of the first warm days of spring πŸ˜‰

Today’s model Roller Maze Abbey presents you a sleeveless dress with matching boots/socks (the yarn is thick enough to call them boots I think).

ImageThe pattern for this dress can be found here at ravelry (small fee). The original pattern sports a twisted rib skirt, but here I went for a straight version πŸ˜‰ The yarn I used seems a bit too thick; however, thanks to the dollstand, it does not really matter. This dress was knitted with 2.5 mm double pointed needles and matching yarn (because I wanted a white dress on her ^^”). The pattern even states size 2 (US) needles, which is about 2.75 mm, therefore I am surprised that the dress is a bit too large. However, the “larger” size it gets by this also fits the taller girls like Nefera and Clawdia. Knitted with 2 mm needles and corresponding yarn it fits perfectly for the “standard” MH girls.

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Evening Wear


Today’s model is Ghoul’s Night Out: Rochelle. She is wearing a lovely and shapely evening dress; the original pattern is for a Steampunk dress, but I did really not want to make the bustle with dark yarn ^^”.


You can find the original pattern here on ravelry (downloadable for a small fee; in English), it also features a lovely ruffled shrug I did not yet get around to trying.

The lovely shawl sports an a-jour knitted pattern. The pattern can be found here (free pattern; in German, another lovely pattern by icebluemchen). The interesting thing about the shawl is that basically you have the outer rim on your needles and this will also be what you bind off in the end.

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Formfitting dress with little star buttons


…aaand because I wanted to take a picture of this before I take it off my little CaM-Vampire model again, here a more formfitting sweater dress. Not as easy to knit as the “plain” sweater/dress, but it has a really nice form that is worth the bloody lifted increases πŸ˜‰

ImageThe pattern can be found on ravelry:

A shapely sweater dress (available for a small fee at ravelry)

The little star buttons I got from ebay. I now want to buy AAALLL the little buttons. They are so cute. Less cute is getting the respectively thin needle threaded and getting the buttons positioned where you want them… (and of course because I am an addict there are the matching socks).

Ghoulias Knitwear for Lounging


For this week a rather badly edited (due to less than optimal light conditions in this weather…) picture of my Ghoulia in one of the first jumpers I knit:


I cannot offer you the exact pattern for this one, but I’ll link you to a similar version. I like to knit these in the round.

This particular lovely pattern was devised by icebluemchen, and you can even buy lovely little sweaters for very little money from her little shop πŸ™‚

The colourful pattern this sweater sports came directly from the yarn (sock yarn), and the little socks are made from the same yarn.

Mini Commission: Freddy Sweater


Before I send one of these on their way, have some pictures πŸ˜‰ (it wasn’t a commission in the actual sense of the word; I do not want to get paid, but I am glad when I can make a fellow collector happy)

Another collector is currently redesigning one of her Operetta dolls into a child of Freddy KrΓΌger’s. She made the cutest little knife gloves out of an old tea candle (aluminium) and some sturdy wool, I really hope she will release pictures of the finished project for the public πŸ™‚

Anyway, I was asked to make a striped sweater, so I made two for the diversity πŸ˜‰ (nah, I was just not glad with how the first one turned out, I began the sleeve at the wrong side and therefore one could see in the front where I changed colours >_<). I am really curious which one she’ll like better…



First try; you’ll notice the colour changes at the right sleeve


Personally, I like this one better ^^

To be honest, I will not knit with colour changes again soon, it really is more relaxing to just knit with one colour/pre-coloured yarn ^^” Less ends to weave in, cleaner back etc…

Witching Wardrobe


I have this compulsion to make clothes as soon as possible for the dolls I bought “naked”

Something wicked this way comes… This little ensemble is one of the newer knittings from patterns I liked. It consists of a formfitting dress, little socks and a beanie hat from the same yarn (patterns down below).

This little witchling I bought “nekkid” from ebay. The Create a Monster Sets come with only one wig for two dolls anyway (if you’re lucky, if not, you only have one torso anyway… always look twice before buying! These sets often exist in two version, with either one or two bodies). I am thinking of putting her up on ebay with these clothes. Thoughts?


The Witching Hour”, available for a nominal fee at ravelry

Socks (free pattern)

Hat (pattern A36 under “Accessoarer”; available in multiple languages)

My little tweaks: I always knit both hats and socks in the round. Personally I find this much easier: no purling, no need to sew in the end etc. πŸ™‚ However, some people balk at the thought of knitting in the round at all and/or only having 14 stitches to do so…

My favourite needles are 2mmΒ  double pointed needles, Symfonie cubics (also used for these items; most 4-thread sock woll can easily still be knit with these).

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Little lilac dress


One of the first dresses I made for Monster High dolls

To tide over until I am able to make nice pictures of what I am up to knitting nowadays (the sun is hiding today and on weekdays I mostly get home when it’s already getting dark, it is just that time of year, and I think I need SUNLIGHT for nice pictures, even though I tend to avoid it in any other situation πŸ˜‰ …)

One of the very first dresses I made, based on a pattern by lovely Icebluemchen from over at Monster High Fashiondolls Blog and Forum

(you can find the really nice basic pattern here, but it is in German. If there is any demand, I’ll see if I can translate it next week)

I twirked the pattern a bit by making a spiral pattern for the skirt part and not knitting in rib for the whole upper body part (only over the shoulders).

Materials used:

  1. double pointed needles for knitting in the round (2.5 mm)
  2. small remainder of “Sockenwolle” (I think that is “fingering weight yarn” in English; the yarn mostly used for knitting socks); the colourful pattern comes directly from the yarn.

Another thing, should I begin adding German translation? Or are we all “international” enough for English only blog posts? πŸ˜‰

(and no, my army of dolls no longer occupies parts of the book shelves. They have their own shelves now πŸ˜‰ )