Little lilac dress


One of the first dresses I made for Monster High dolls

To tide over until I am able to make nice pictures of what I am up to knitting nowadays (the sun is hiding today and on weekdays I mostly get home when it’s already getting dark, it is just that time of year, and I think I need SUNLIGHT for nice pictures, even though I tend to avoid it in any other situation 😉 …)

One of the very first dresses I made, based on a pattern by lovely Icebluemchen from over at Monster High Fashiondolls Blog and Forum

(you can find the really nice basic pattern here, but it is in German. If there is any demand, I’ll see if I can translate it next week)

I twirked the pattern a bit by making a spiral pattern for the skirt part and not knitting in rib for the whole upper body part (only over the shoulders).

Materials used:

  1. double pointed needles for knitting in the round (2.5 mm)
  2. small remainder of “Sockenwolle” (I think that is “fingering weight yarn” in English; the yarn mostly used for knitting socks); the colourful pattern comes directly from the yarn.

Another thing, should I begin adding German translation? Or are we all “international” enough for English only blog posts? 😉

(and no, my army of dolls no longer occupies parts of the book shelves. They have their own shelves now 😉 )


One thought on “Little lilac dress

  1. kyuut! 🙂
    mein Tipp für Sonnenlichtfotos ist am Wochenende wenn es mal schön ist, Fotos gleich für mehrere Posts zu machen und erst später, wenn du Zeit hast, dann die einzelnen Posts zu machen.

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