Formfitting dress with little star buttons

…aaand because I wanted to take a picture of this before I take it off my little CaM-Vampire model again, here a more formfitting sweater dress. Not as easy to knit as the “plain” sweater/dress, but it has a really nice form that is worth the bloody lifted increases 😉

ImageThe pattern can be found on ravelry:

A shapely sweater dress (available for a small fee at ravelry)

The little star buttons I got from ebay. I now want to buy AAALLL the little buttons. They are so cute. Less cute is getting the respectively thin needle threaded and getting the buttons positioned where you want them… (and of course because I am an addict there are the matching socks).


3 thoughts on “Formfitting dress with little star buttons

    • *le gaps* Blasphemie 😉 Nee, es ist nur bei den gemusterten Garnen immer schwierig, ein anderes zu finden, das gut passt. Aber ich habe einfarbige Wolle in Bestellung, dann kann ich auch mal simple Socken kombinieren, oder gemustere zu einfarbiger Kleidung…

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