Makie’s Makeup

Zirella’s head and hands were sent to a very nice customizer for a beauty session. I am really overwhelmed with the result, she turned out so absolutely lovely!


Here she is with her full makeup and one of her new sweaters 🙂 (Sweater used the basic pattern for the MH basic short-sleeved dress without the skirt part and on 2.5mm needles with corresponding yarn, here 6ply sock yarn Jawoll. For the collar, I knitted one round, purled one round, knitted another round, purled another round, then continued knitting with the raglan increase)

side detailsfaceup without hairside details 2

Some detail shots. She now also has a cute little tattoo behind her left ear and another earring high in the same ear. Did you notice the cute little nails 😉

Isn’t she a beauty 🙂


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