Little Dress for Picco Neemo Dolls


While quite new to Obitsu dolls etc., I recently stumbled upon the Azone dolls. Though they do not have the great poseability of the Obitsus, their aethetics are superior (in my opinion at least ^^). It is hard to find original heads for these dolls (unless you want to buy “complete” sets which are very expensive…). Therefore, Parabox/Obitsu heads are the go-to 🙂

This litte gem is the Azone Picco Neemo body (M, ~14 cm without head). Originally I ordered the Parabox “neko” head for it, but I like it much better with the Parabox “petite fairy” head (proportions etc.). The wig does not fit perfectly, but I like the fluffy white 😉

Azone Picco Neemo with petite fairy head

This little dress is quite the easy knit. While I like the looks of these tiny dolls in clothes knitted with 1.5 or 1 mm needles and very thin yarn, fingering yarn on 2 mm needles also works very well  🙂 I really like this yarn and its lovely colourway (Lana Grossa meilenweit Soja, colour 118)

Cast on 20 st. Divide onto four double pointed needles 2mm (5 per needle).

Knit one round.

Purl one round.

Knit one round.

Begin the raglan increase: *k2, YO, k1, YO, k2* (repeat on each needle)

Knit one round (knit the YO purlwise) = 28 st

*k3, YO, k1, YO, k3* (repeat on each needle)

Knit one round (knit the YO purlwise) = 36 st

In the following round, cast off the stitches for the short sleeves: k5, BO7, k12, BO 7, k5

To close the round again, k one round, but k tog the last st before and first st after the BO = 20 st. in the round again

Knit along until you have reached the length you want for the bodice.

In the next round, for the skirt double each second st.

Knit one round.

Skirt pattern:

round 1: *YO, k2, slip YO over the two knit stitches* (repeat throughout the round)

round 2: knit

Repeat these rounds for the length you want the skirt to be.

For the bottom hem, I used the picot cast off: k1, kfb, turn, k3, turn, BO3, *kfb,turn, k3, turn, BO3, kfb* till the last st., bind off (or you can just bind off without the picot)

Edit: If you just want to cast off a straight hem, you can also cast off in purl stitch, which gives a nice effect 🙂

Sommerkleid mit Lochmuster (für Obitsu 23cm, passt auch Monster High)


Nach einem etwas Missglückten Prototypen bin ich dann doch lieber auf etwas “einfacheres” gewechselt. Einfach nur einfach wäre da zu langweilig, also dachte ich mir, warum nicht mal Lochmuster in Runden ausprobieren… Das Muster als solches ist nicht wirklich schwierig, aber man muss sich schon etwas mehr konzentieren. Ich muss wohl nicht erwähnen, dass mein Pfeilspitzen-Lochmuster eher ein generelles Lochmuster geworden ist 😉 Fällt aber nicht wirklich auf.

Die Anleitung als solche ist nicht schwierig. Da Obitsu und Monster High sich in den wichtigsten Abmessungen sehr ähneln (zumindest fürs Stricken), würde dieses Kleid auch Monster High Puppen passen. Allerdings sollte dann das Oberteil etwas länger gestrickt werden. Einfach beim Stricken an der Puppe abmessen/anprobieren 😉

Also works well with the white wig

Auf zur Anleitung!

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Lacy Summer Dress (for Obitsu, also fits Monster High)


After the Floofy Monstrosity of Doom, I needed something “simple” as a pallet cleanser. Simple as in “why don’t I try lace”. The lace pattern itself is not really hard, but you need to concentrate. Needless to add that my arrow head lace pattern is more of a… general lace pattern 😉

This pattern on itself is quite basic. Obitsu and Monster High share the most important measurements (for knitting at least), therefore this dress also fits Monster High dolls, though you might want to put the waist a bit higher on MH girls :


Also works well with the white wig

On to the pattern! (German translation coming soon!)

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Floofy Monstrosity of Doom ;)


What you want to knit is not always what springs from your needles…

I wanted to make a prototype for some gothic lolita style inspired dress. As a protoype, it served its purpose; I learned NOT to double the stitches for the bottom hem, and that if I wanted puffed sleeves, to double the stitches for the sleeve earlier…


Overly Floofy