Floofy Monstrosity of Doom ;)

What you want to knit is not always what springs from your needles…

I wanted to make a prototype for some gothic lolita style inspired dress. As a protoype, it served its purpose; I learned NOT to double the stitches for the bottom hem, and that if I wanted puffed sleeves, to double the stitches for the sleeve earlier…


Overly Floofy


4 thoughts on “Floofy Monstrosity of Doom ;)

    • Thank you ^^ It is just that it did not really turn out like I wanted it to 😉
      She is an Obitsu Nano Haruka head on a 23 cm Obitsu SBH (soft bust and hips type) body.
      The nice faceup was done by her previous owner; I only bought the eerie green eyes and the fur wig for her 🙂

    • Bwahahah XD I think I’ll need to use this as a caption.
      I think it’s mostly the puffed sleeves… really pondering to just cut these off and trying to salvage the dress. Could of course also go wrong and frogg the dress…

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