Lacy Summer Dress (for Obitsu, also fits Monster High)

After the Floofy Monstrosity of Doom, I needed something “simple” as a pallet cleanser. Simple as in “why don’t I try lace”. The lace pattern itself is not really hard, but you need to concentrate. Needless to add that my arrow head lace pattern is more of a… general lace pattern 😉

This pattern on itself is quite basic. Obitsu and Monster High share the most important measurements (for knitting at least), therefore this dress also fits Monster High dolls, though you might want to put the waist a bit higher on MH girls :


Also works well with the white wig

On to the pattern! (German translation coming soon!)

Start very similar as with the Basic Short Sleeved Dress:

  • 5 double pointed needles 2 mm
  • corresponding yarn (4ply, “sock yarn”, or perl yarn) in two colours

CO: cast on
YO: yarn over
BO: bind off
kfb: knit front and back
st: stich(es)
k: knit           p: purl
*xxx*: repeat * to *

We will start at the collar.

CO 24 st, divide onto four double pointed needles (6 per needle for the mathematically challenged among us 😉 )

  • rounds 1-5: *k1 p1* (rib; this is the collar; for a higher collar just knit more rounds, or alternatively k1 round, p 1 round, k 1 round, p 1 round, proceed in k)
  • round 6: k around
  • round 7: *k2, YO, k2, YO, k2* (<-repeat per needle)
  • round 8: k around; knit the YO from the front (32 st)
  • round 9: *k3, YO, k2, YO, k3*
  • round 10: k around; k; knit the YO from the front (40 st)
  • round 11: *k4, YO, k2, YO, k4*
  • round 12: k around, k; knit the YO from the front (48 st)
  • round 13: k around
  • round 14: k6; BO 11; k12; BO 11; k6
    (=26 st: 6st leftt back half – 11 st. bound off for sleeve – 7 standing from 1 from bind off and 6 knitted left front half, same for right front half, 11 st. bound off for sleeve – 6 st. right back half)
  • round 15: k around to join round again, BUT: k last st before BO and first st after BO together (24 st in round)
  • knit to desired lengths of upper part of the dress (I like to take about 4 cm to 5 cm)
  • Change to contrasting colour and knit 4 rounds in k1p1 ribbing
  • for the SKIRT part :
  • switch back to main colour
  • kfb all stitches (=48 st), knit one round
  • kfb all st again (=96 st)
  • knit for as long as you would like the stockinette part to be
    (if you want to skip the lace part; just knit for as long as you would like the dress to be)
  • change to contrasting colour, but do NOT break yarn of main colour, as for the lace part you will change colours every row if you would like to. Alternatively, do not change colours, or knit the lace part and bottom edge completely in contrasting colour, your choice! 🙂 )
  • Arrow Head Lace Part:
    You will need a stitch count of “multiple of ten plus one”. Therefore, knit one round and increase 5 stitches evenly distributed throughout round.Rows 1 and 3: KNIT, as we work in the round! (working flat, these would be wrong side: Purl)Row 2: Knit 1, *(yarn over, slip, slip knit) twice, knit 1 (knit 2 together, yarn over) twice, knit 1. Repeat form * across.

    Row 4: Knit 2, *yarn over, slip, slip knit, yarn over, slip 2 knitwise, knit 1, pass slipped stitches over, yarn over, knit two together, yarn over, knit 3.
    Repeat from * across, on last repeat end knit 2.

    Repeat these four rows for as long as you would like the lace part to be.

  • (Optional: purl three rounds)
  • knit three rounds (stockinette)
  • Bottom hem: any bind off you would like to use; I used the following method:
    k1, *kfb, turn, k3, turn, cast off 3*, repeat ** to the last 2 st, cast off.




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