“Hippie” Turtleneck Sweater Dress (for Monster High and Obitsu 23 cm)

Obistu Nano Haruka Head on a 23 cm SBH (boots: mimiwoo)

This little dress came from a remainder of sock yarn (4-ply fingering yarn). As most of my dollieh things do 😉

The “hippie” part more refers to the colourway of the yarn.

Originally, I just wanted a longer sweater, but then I was curious how the colour pattern would turn out on this small scale. It is always a delight for me to see how different the precoloured yarns turn out in dollieh dresses. (Yes, I am easily amused.)

You want yet another pattern featuring a raglan increase? Here we go:

The dress is knitted in the round on 2mm dpn, top down. We start with the turtleneck collar:

  • CO 40 st, divide onto 4 dpn and join for knitting in the round.
  • round 1-20: knit in k1p1 ribbing. For the stitches to “pop out” a bit, knit the k stitches purlwise.
    (For a normal or small collar, just knit only 5-10 rounds, as always, do as you wish 😉 )
  • round 21: k
  • round 22: *k4, YO, k2, YO, k4*
  • round 23: k (YO is knitted purlwise) (= 48 st [4×12])
  • round 24: *k5, YO, k2, YO, k5*
  • round 25: k (YO is knitted purlwise) (= 56 st [4×14])
  • round 26: k 7 – put 7 st aside on a safety pin – put another 7 aside on a safety pin – knit 14 – -put 7 st aside on a safety pin – put another 7 aside on a safety pin – k 7 (Yes, for variety, for this pattern we use sevens 😉 )
  • round 27-30: knit (28 st in the round) You can also knit this part longer; I like the sweater to get a bit wider under the bust already. This differs a bit from doll to doll.
  • This applies to every increase round: if you want have the increases further apart or nearer together, just go for it! The round numbers are just a general guideline, because for some it is easier to knit with fixed rounds.
  • round 31: *k 3, kfb, k3* (= 32 st)
  • round 32-39: knit
  • round 40: *k4, m1, k4* (= 36 st)
  • round 41-47: knit
  • round 48: *k4, kfb, k4* (= 40 st)
  • round 49-55: knit
  • round 56: *k5, m1, k5* (= 44 st)
  • knit to desired legth
  • for the bottom hem:
    • round 1: purl
    • round 2: knit
    • round 3: purl
    • round 4: knit
    • bind off in purl st.
  • Alternatively, use any bind off/bottom hem you would like; just take care that is is wide/heavy enough for the skirt not to roll up.
  • Sleeves: take up the 14 st put aside on the safety pins on 3 dpns (5-4-5). In order to avoid bigger holes under the arms, I like to pick up two additional stitches there which I decrease in the second knit round.
  • Generally: knit to desired length.
  • For the flare, I increased to 15 st in round 6, then in round 15 doubled every fifth st. (=20 st) and knitted to round 25, then used the same hem as in the skirt, 30 rounds all in all. If you know a more elegant approach for flaring sleeves, please let me know 😉
  • Weave in all ends, et voilà, easy A-line sweater dress.

Edit: This dress will also fit Obitsu 27 cm (S-Bust, and relatively snugly), just adjust the length for skirt and sleeves.


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