Basic Jumper for Tonner Tyler and similar sized dolls (16” fashion dolls)

(Sidenote: I only just noticed that the WP reader feature does not show me all post of the blogs I follow ;_; Will have to start stalking manually again…) My dollieh collection just grew bigger. And by bigger I mean that I now made the jump to 16” fashion dolls 😉 I was lucky enough to score my very first Tonner Tyler for a reasonale price (for Germany, mind you) on evilbay. She is a 2006 “Blush and Bashful” and still has the pink headband attached. I am torn as to whether to cut it off or not; for now, it will stay. Here she is, wearing the jumper this pattern will be for. Don’t be afraid, the colour change comes from the yarn 😉 The trousers are heavily modified from this patter for MSD sized dolls (purchase pattern). My first try knitting for her yielded less than satisfactory results, even though other knitters managed to turn out beautiful dresses from one of the few free patterns to be found for Tonner sized dolls. It was knitted according to this pattern (follow the link on ravelry to their website and scroll down through the lovely purchase patterns… at the end there is the free patter 🙂 )However, if you rather want to put a sweater or longer sweater on your Tonner or similar sized doll, have yet another standard top down raglan pattern: On to the pattern!As you know, I really love to knit in the round, therefore, this sweater also is knitted in the round, from the collar down. There will be no opening/snaps in the back. Be careful when dressing your doll, fingers like to get snatched up in the yarn… (that is what I love about Obitsu and Monster High, you can just take off the hands for dressing the doll ^^) You will need:

  • set of 2.5(!) mm double pointed needles (DPN), if you like the cuffs a bit finer, use a set of 2mm DPN for collar and cuffs.
  • some small remainder of fingering weight yarn (~210m/50gr) (not as much as for a sock, but more than for an MH doll)
  • k: knit; p: purl; tbl: through the back loop; YO: yarn over
  • EDIT: If you knit the sweater with 2mm needles, it will fit nicely for Minifee sized dolls 🙂

As the jumper will be a bit more on the “comfortable” side, we will have a circumference of 48 st (4×12) for the body. (However, ou can get away with a circumference of down to 36 st on a Tonner Tyler doll.) I like the collar to be a bit wider in order to make dressing the doll easier. Therefore, cast on will be 64 st – you can, of course, make that collar wider or smaller as you wish, just adapt the raglan increases for the sleeves accordingly. Dressing the doll will be harder the smaller the collar is! The sleeves will be 24 st at the beginning (=96 in total), if you like them smaller, adapt accordingly. We start at the collar: Cast on 64 st, divide onto four DPN (16 st per needle) and close for knitting in the round. Be careful not to twist.

  • rounds 1-4: k1tbl, p1 ribbing
  • round 5: knit
  • round 6: *k7, YO, k2, YO, K7* repeat around on each needle
  • round 7: knit (the YO are knitted purlwise to avoid forming holes) (72 st)
  • round 8: *k8, YO, k2, YO, K8* repeat around on each needle
  • round 9: knit (the YO are knitted purlwise to avoid forming holes) (80 st)
  • round 10: *k9, YO, k2, YO, K9* repeat around on each needle
  • round 11: knit (the YO are knitted purlwise to avoid forming holes) (88 st)
  • round 12: *k10, YO, k2, YO, K10* repeat around on each needle
  • round 13: knit (the YO are knitted purlwise to avoid forming holes) (96 st, we have reached out total stitch count)
  • With the 96 st, we have reached out total stitch count and now put aside the stitched for the sleeves: round 14: k12 — put 24 st aside on multiple safety pins or spare yarn etc. — k24 — put 24 aside for the second sleeve — k 12
  • rounds 15-17: knit (48 st (4x12st) )
  • round 18: optional increase: *k6, m1, k6*. If you want to omit that increase, just keep on knitting with the 48st circumference.
  • Knit to nearly desired length, then for the bottom hem knit 4-6 rounds of k1tbl, p1 ribbing. Bind off either normally or, if you would like to put trousers etc under the jumper, use a semi-stretchy bind off (e.g. I used it on every purl st).
  • Divide the 24 sleeve st on 3 DPN (8 per needle) and optionally pick up two more under the arm in order to close the gap a bit. These additional two st. get decreased again after knitting them for one round. It is recommended to start so that you can leave a lengths of yarn hanging which later can be used to close the little gap under the arm.
  • Either keep the 24 st. or decrease in two steps down to 20 st. Knit to desired length (I did 45 rounds all in all, with cuff), for the cuff knit 3-4 rounds in k1tbl, p1 ribbing. Bind off.
  • Sew in all ends.
  • To put the sweater on the doll, I prefer to slide it over the legs and wrangle the arms in when the sweater is at waist level. (However, some people manage to put it on over the head.)
  • Make a picture! 😉

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