Comfy Socks for Ellowyne Wilde Dolls / Dicke Wintersocken für Ellowyne Wilde


And because I always like to knit for my dolliehs, here is a pattern for bulky socks for Ellowyne 😉

The heel is turned in the Boomerang fashion (working short rows). Next year I’ll try to goo down in needle size and yarn to create thinner socks.

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Ellowyne Wilde


Ok I solemnly swear to my bank account that this really is the last doll for 2014 😉

I really love that in doll collector forums you sometimes have the opportunity to grab a dollieh at reasonable prices. I found a lovely Ellowyne Wilde! She is, or more like was, the Ellowyne Essential Red. However, previous owners chopped her hair off to be able to put different wigs on her. She really has a lovely face, painted on green eyes.

What made me really happy is that she can wear my Makie’s wigs 😉 (However, I’ll stick to 7-8 inch wigs; 6-7 inch does not fit Ellowyne and is a really close fit on the Makie).

Ellowyne Wilde – ESPecially Prudence


Ok, I’ll admit it, my initial idea was to buy a BJD in MSD size. However. The prices still deter me from that idea. Someday, though 😉

However, after falling for the Tonner dolls and learning about their less “Barbie-like” cousins, the Ellowyne Wilde dolls – I was sold. I desperately wanted one, and then, wonder of wonders, totally coincidentally learned that another collector from a knitting forum wanted to sell this beauty off in the ‘bay:

This is Prudence, a friend of the Ellowyne main-line doll, Ellowyne Wilde. She is about 42 cm and very similar to a Tonner Tyler doll in measurements, albeit a bit stockier. And larger head, of course. This one is the ESPecially Prudence, one of the first that got released. She still has the painted on eyes. While many of the newer dolls look stunning with their inset glass eyes, the danger with these always is that only one eye needs to be a bit askew to give the doll a “wrong” appearance for me. I just love her sweet broad little nose.

Very luckily, I scored my sweet Pru for a very reasonable price 🙂 She came nude (ok I caved and also bought some shoes and socks from her former owner…), so I held knitwear ready for her.

The sweater is a standard top-down raglan sweater (with 4×11 instead of 4×10 or 12 st for circumference; but 3mm DPN). However, luckily the hands can be screwed off, because I did not take into consideration that her hands would be bigger than the Tonner Tyler’s when knitting the sweater…

The scarf and bonnet were knit according to this lovely free pattern (huge thanks to the author!).

German: Ich gebe zu, mein ursprünglicher Plan war es, eine BJD in MSD Größe zu kaufen. Allerdings schrecken die Preise mich immer noch etwas ab. Vielleicht irgendwann mal 😉

Aber nachdem ich schon über die Tonner Puppen stolperte (zweisindgenugzweisindgenugzweisindgenug), lernte ich auch deren nicht so “Barbie-ähnliche” Schwesterlinie, die Ellowyne Wilde Puppen, kennen. Da war es um mich geschehen (mal wieder 😉 ). Als ich dann noch, Wunder über Wunder, wirklich total zufällig mitbekam, dass eine andere Sammlerin aus dem Strickforum diese kleine Schönheit in “die Bucht werfen” wollte…

Das ist Prudence, eine “Freundin” der Hauptpuppe der Linie (Ellowyne Wilde). Sie ist ca. 42 cm groß und in den Abmessungen den Tonner Tyler Puppen sehr ähnlich, allerdings ein ganz klein wenig stämmiger. Und natürlich ein kleiner “Dickschädel”. Diese ist die ESPecially Prudence, eine der ersten, die auf den Markt kamen. Sie hat noch die aufgemalten Augen, was mir persönlich viel besser gefällt. Viele der neueren Puppen mit den eingesetzten Glasaugen sehen toll aus, aber da muss nur ein Auge mal ein wenig schielen… (und ohne massive Eingriffe lässt sich dieser Kopf nicht öffnen).

Ich bin ganz verliebt in ihre süße Stupsnase 🙂 Zu meinem großem Glück konnte ich Pru für einen sehr guten Preis “stehlen”. Sie kam “nackig” (ok ich gebe zu, ich habe ihrer Vorbesitzerin noch einige Paar Schuhe und Strümpfe abgekauft…), also hielt ich schon ein Strickoutfit für sie bereit.

Der Pullover ist unser Standard-Raglanpulli (mit 4×11 M im Umfang). Zum Glück lassen sich bei dieser Puppe die Hände abdrehen, sonst hätte der Pulli nur der Tonner Tyler gepasst ^^”

Schal und Mütze entstanden nach dieser tollen kostenlosen Anleitung (Englisch!).

T-Shirt Dress for Tonner and similar 16” fashion dolls


Thanks to a very reasonable priced offer from MelGDolls, I was able to add this lovely green witch (Tonner “Cyclone Cantata”) to my collection. Yes, the nude dolls are much more reasonably priced, therefore I forwent the lovely dress this doll normally wears and decided to knit sth. up. Yes, she will get a black dress (or several), but until these are finished, she will have to wear what is available, among other things this colourful T-Shirt Dress 😉

Basically, it is knitted very similarly to the basic top and skirt, but with some more stitches in circumference (4st, 4*11st instead of 4*10) so that it does not stretch as much over the bust area.

The colourway was a surprise for me, too, as this was made from my lovely “advent calender” gift skein 🙂

Have your eyes adjusted again after this onslaught of colour? Then, off to the patter we go!

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