Many new knitty things

… you are away for a few months and the WP layout is completely different ó_O

Well, I have not been idle (just not been good at writing patterns ^^”)

As I have no idea anymore how to resize pictures, I’ll put the pictures under a cut.

I have again gone “bigger” and got a lovely doll in the size of a Feeple60 Moe style body (Sionna head sculpt).

brown wig


Feeple knit dress

Summer knitwear for Feeple


Still, I am true to MSD size; my only “legit” doll is a lovely Fairyland Minifee Miyu head on a Planetdoll body. This lovely head was quite the “steal” on ebay 🙂

I had some problems to affix the head on the body, though. The Miyu head neck opening is quite wide. However, a knitting buddy was kind enough to send me a Luts “donut” adapter. As an altertative, I also got an adapter thingie from shapeways, which is just a tiiiny tad too narrow to hold the head well, but still holds the head on, only minor “stuffing” necessary to keep the head from wobbling 😉 )

The Planetdoll body is strung insanely tight, which is why this girl mostly likes to curl up and do at least one “T-Rex”-hand pose…

She likes to curl up

6 thoughts on “Many new knitty things

  1. Will this fit the Monster High Dolls? We also have the big Monster High, will it fit that? I am unfamiliar with the dolls you mention here.

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