Impldoll Young Moon

Just wanted to share my newest beauty with you, legit this time 😉

Mohair wig

Impldoll Young Moon


I was browsing the DoA marketplace as I had just missed an opportunity in our classified adds. I was just looking, and lo and behold, there was this cutie. From my country (=no hassle with customs), and in my price range 😉 She even came with many extras, the nice mohair wig, the purple eyes (which I thought too small for her, but are still nice to have for the Unoas ;)), a simple outfit with black tights and the cutest little boots. Along with her carrier, horns, and certificate 🙂
If you look closely, you might notice that one finger of her left hand is glued on, I think that is why she went to “cheap”. I was afraid a bit when I unpakced her, because the finger was missing! however, it had just tangled in the cloth the sender wrapped the doll in 🙂 so I glued it back on unexpertly… I already have milliput lying around, but am still a bit intimiated by it. Now I just have to be really careful when changin her clothes…
I had never heard of Impldoll before, they are a legit company in the lower price range (around USD 250 for MSD size), but have, imo, very nice sculpts. However, the resin quality is not too impressive, the doll is quite shiny and feels more like “plastic” than any of my other dolls (legit or otherwise). The body is also very light.
Still, she is very pretty to me 🙂

… and as with every other doll, I am really sure that this will be the last BJD. Well, at least in MSD size 😉


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