Doll news

Well, well, well, who is surprised that YET ANOTHER new doll found its way into my home 😉

That one has an interesting shape that I still have to learn to knit for, while broader in the hips, shoulders/bust are very slim and the waist slope interesting (to knit for 😉 ) I am learning/plotting to devise new patterns for her, as my standard patterns for slim minis are a bit wide in the shoulder. For those interested, the dress has a circumference of 4×9 (bodice) plus 2×8 per sleeve (began with 40 st, standard raglan increase, winged the skirt increases by putting increases first at the sides, then like in a raglan increase up to 18 per needle)

See the poufy floor cushion thingie? I think that will be our next post, because I love knitting these… useless (in lager numbers), but a fun and quick knit.( It is not my  own pattern though, so I will just explain it a bit and link the sources I have 😉 )

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