Boxy V-neck cabled sweater

*gasp* a pattern that is NOT knit in the round! 😉 I based the construction on the afore-mentioned pattern “Tresses”, but it is for Feeple60 (moe) size!

V-neck cable sweater

You will need:

  • Sock yarn (4ply; 210 m/50 g)
  • Needles: 3mm
  • 1 additional needle/cable needle

The cables are worked over the 4 knit st.: slip 2 st on the extra needle and hold in front (on right side) of your work; knit the next 2 st; knit the 2 st. from the cable needle.

Cables are worked every 6 rows (or 4, or 8 etc, whatever you like best)

Front: We start from the bottom up. Cast on 44 st.
Knit 6 rows of k1p1
Row 7: (border st. are always knit, also on the wrong side) k1 *p1, k4, p1*, end with p1 k1.
(All even rows: knit st. as they appear. Work first cable row in row 9)
Knit to desired length until work reaches under the arms (I did 12 cm here). Now, the work is divided for the V-neck:
Work half the st., put the rest of the st. on a stitch holder (or waste yarn etc.).
Turn work.
(all even rows: knit st. as they appear)
k2tog at the beginning of every other (uneven) row (in the middle of the front part, not at the side) until you have 13 st. left. Knit 2 more rows and bind off shoulder.
Work the other half the same (start with a right-side [uneven] row.

You should end up with a thing like this:

New project in the making


For the back, work the same as the front without the V-neck (if you want a back opening, divide in the middle just like for the front part, but do not work decreases!). (Little “warning” here; I can JUST slide the V-neck over my doll’s hips, as I dress them feet-first. If you want more space for dressing or do not want to take the head off, work a back opening.)
Knit until three rows before it is the same lengths as the  front piece. Bind off  18 st. in the middle so you keep 13 st. for each shoulder (or bind off 9 st. for each side in the middle if you did divide the back). Work one more wrong-side row, bind off in a right side row, bind off shoulder and then work the other shoulder the same (one wrong-side row; bind off in right side row).

Sew shoulders together. With the right side of the work facing you, pick up st. around the neck opening (Start in the middle of the back to knit in rows. I think it easier to work with some DPN, but other people might like circular knitting needles better.). Mark the st. in the middle of the V-neck. Take not to have the same amount of st on each side of the V-neck.
Row 1 (wrong side row): K1p1 around.
Row 2: knit to 2 st. before center st; k2tog; k center st; k2tog, knit to end
Row 3: knit st. as they appear
Repeat row 2 and 3 once more. Bind off st.

For the sleeves, lay piece flat open with right side facing you. Measure to where your lengths until the underarm and pick up 30 st for the sleeve (15 st. on each side of shoulder seam). If you want fuller arms, start a bit lower and pick up more st.
k1p1 for 5 rows. Bind off. Reapeat for other sleeve.

Sew side seams and sleeves. If you did NOT work a back opening, sew collar seam.
If you DID work a back opening, crochet some loops on one side and sew buttons on the other side. Dress your doll and take pictures! 😉

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