Quick turtleneck sweater for Dollfie Dream (Sister) (and similar, like Smart Doll etc.)

This quick sweater was needed for my new Dollfie Dream girl, because I did not pay attention and got the head in another skin tone, so high collars were needed 😉

New quick turtleneck sweater

With 3mm DPN, it was a quick knit.
Use “sockyarn”, and the variegated kind will give you nice effects.

(My “gauge“ is 5st on 2 cm)

Abbreviations used: CO: Cast on, rds: rounds, DPN: Double pointed needles, k: knit, p; purl, pm: place marker, sl m: slip marker, YO: Yarn over, N1: needle 1 etc., M1: make one, BO: bind off)

With 3 mm DPN, Co 56,  close for knitting in the round.
Do 22rds k2p2 (or more, as you like it) for the turtleneck collar, raglan increase to 48 for body and 20 per sleeve as follows:
set up round: knit one round, 14 st. per needle, placing markers in the middle of each needle (k7, pm, k7).
Of course, you can knit without the markers if you have a good eye where your middle is.

Rd 1: *Knit to one st. before marker, YO, sl m, k1, YO, knit to end of needle*
Rd. 2: k all st, knit YO purlwise to avoid holes (unless you like the look with holes 😉 )

Repeat these rounds until you have 20 st. on each needle (10 before marker, and ten after).

Now, do not increase for the sleeves anymore:
(For better understanding:
N1 has right back and back of right sleeve,
N2 has front of right sleeve and right body front,
N3 has left body front and front of left sleeve,
N4 has back of left sleeve and left body back)

*Rd. 1:
N1: k to one st before marker, YO, k1, sl m, knit rest of needle
N2: knit to marker, sl m, k1, YO, knit rest of needle
N3: k to one st. before marker, YO, k1, slm, knit rest of needle
N4: knit to marker, sl m, k1, YO, knit rest of needle

Rd. 2: Knit one round (knit YO purlwise to avoid holes)*

Repeat these two rounds one more time (N1 and N3: 12 st. before marker, 10 after; N2 and N4: 10 st. before marker, 12 after).

Now, we put sleeves aside, taking out the markers:
K12 , slip 20 st. to waste yarn. CO 4 st. Knit 24, slip 20 st. to waste yarn, CO 4 st., k 12.
!Mind the CO add. 4 under each arm (=56 for body) or it might be too tight!
From here, knit all st. in the round again, distributing the newly CO st. so you have 14 st. per needle.

Increase in 24th body round (24th after putting sleeve aside) =60 body st. (You can either increase in the middle of each needle, or at the sides. For the sides, N1: knit to last st., M1, k1. N2: k1, M1, knit to end. N3: as N1. N4: as N2)

Knit for as long as you want your sweater to be without bottom cuff.
For bottom cuff, k2p2 for 6 rds.

For bind-off, best use a slightly stretchy bind off so it will be better over jeans etc.: bind off the first 3 st. (you are now before the 2nd purl st), YO, bind off 2nd purl st. with the YO, continue BO. I “doubled” each fourth st (each 2nd purl st. of the k2p2) but the last in the round. You can also do it more stretchy if you repeat the YO e.g. for each second st. (googling stretchy bind off will explain it better than I can ^^”)

For sleeves, pick up the 20 st, co 4 add. St. underam (24), dec to 22. in 3rd rd.
(I knitted the sleeves with 53 rds., the last 4 of which k1p1.  Next time, I’ll use 55 rds 😉)

2 thoughts on “Quick turtleneck sweater for Dollfie Dream (Sister) (and similar, like Smart Doll etc.)

  1. what size doll is this made for. when looking at bjd dolls, i was confused by the 1/6, 1/3, 1/4 in their description

    • Sweety, Google is your friend…
      Dollfie Dream, Smart Doll, SD etc. are around 60 cm, yet quite slim. That puts them in the 1/3 range (a human is considered 1/1). MINI Dollfie Dream, on the other hand, are MSD (which stands for Mini Super Dollfie) and are around 42 cm.
      A doll of 1/6 is about as tall as a Barbie doll, but in BJD often more toddler-like in its proportions.

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