Dress for the Most Monstrous Monster High Doll / Kleid für die bisher monströseste MH Puppe



Well. This doll. 17 inches of Monster High. While generally I quite like the Monster High dolls, and I am really impressed with that one’s range of motion (double-joints!!), I just cannot get over how MASSIVE her head is in proportion to that insectoid body. Yes, I know that the smaller MH girls have similar proportions, but on that scale (1/6) it does not bother me that much.

I have to admit, Gooliope was the first MH doll I thought about selling again at first sight. Boiling straight that rat’s nest of hair, giving it a fabric softener “spa” treatment and putting her in another dress did help some, though.

The pattern for the dress is under the cut!

This pattern is for the 17” doll! / Diese Anleitung ist für die 43 cm große Puppe!

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Azone Pure Neemo Romper (also fits Makie, Blythe, and other dolls)


This little summer romper was initially knit for the new Azone Pure Neemo body I bought from a nice collector. (This is one of the old bodies; while it cannot move the knees, they look much nicer in short clothes. Heads will arrive soon for me to play with during my vacation weeks 🙂 )

Romper for Azone Pure Neemo

Mind that you most likely will have to take the hands off to dress your doll.

Browsing some forums, I came upon the information that Azone PN clothes will also fit for Makie! It is a bit fiddly to get on, but yes, it does fit 🙂 (You’ll have to take off the hands,too.)

Makie in knit romper

In argumentum e contrario, it will also fit Blythe dolls, as Blythe clothes will fit Makie dolls. With some minor alterations (longer upper body part), it will also fit the Monster High girls!

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“Hippie” Turtleneck Sweater Dress (for Monster High and Obitsu 23 cm)


Obistu Nano Haruka Head on a 23 cm SBH (boots: mimiwoo)

This little dress came from a remainder of sock yarn (4-ply fingering yarn). As most of my dollieh things do 😉

The “hippie” part more refers to the colourway of the yarn.

Originally, I just wanted a longer sweater, but then I was curious how the colour pattern would turn out on this small scale. It is always a delight for me to see how different the precoloured yarns turn out in dollieh dresses. (Yes, I am easily amused.)

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Yet another Monster High Dress ;)


And again we are going with the “Gothic Lolita”-inspired theme. I really have to find some new inspirations 😉

short-sleeved dress with underskirt

If you have knitted e.g. the short sleeved basic dress or the lacy summer dress, you will see that most of my patters are only variations of some basic 😉

This dress has a separate underskirt (because I wanted to start the dress from the top ^^”).

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Update/Life Sign ;)


Yes, I am still alive 😉

To tide you over until the next pattern (which will be a Monster High dress), have some pictures of my latest projects:

Monster High dress with extra underskirt

I really love the "sturdier" feeling of the Pure Neemo body. It is heavier and not as poseable as the Obitsu body, but imho prettier

Azone Pure Neemo body with Obitsu “Petite Hime”-head

Casual Picco Neemo with new Voodollieh toy (voodollieh found on ebay)

plain onesie for Obitsu 11cm

Sommerkleid mit Lochmuster (für Obitsu 23cm, passt auch Monster High)


Nach einem etwas Missglückten Prototypen bin ich dann doch lieber auf etwas “einfacheres” gewechselt. Einfach nur einfach wäre da zu langweilig, also dachte ich mir, warum nicht mal Lochmuster in Runden ausprobieren… Das Muster als solches ist nicht wirklich schwierig, aber man muss sich schon etwas mehr konzentieren. Ich muss wohl nicht erwähnen, dass mein Pfeilspitzen-Lochmuster eher ein generelles Lochmuster geworden ist 😉 Fällt aber nicht wirklich auf.

Die Anleitung als solche ist nicht schwierig. Da Obitsu und Monster High sich in den wichtigsten Abmessungen sehr ähneln (zumindest fürs Stricken), würde dieses Kleid auch Monster High Puppen passen. Allerdings sollte dann das Oberteil etwas länger gestrickt werden. Einfach beim Stricken an der Puppe abmessen/anprobieren 😉

Also works well with the white wig

Auf zur Anleitung!

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Lacy Summer Dress (for Obitsu, also fits Monster High)


After the Floofy Monstrosity of Doom, I needed something “simple” as a pallet cleanser. Simple as in “why don’t I try lace”. The lace pattern itself is not really hard, but you need to concentrate. Needless to add that my arrow head lace pattern is more of a… general lace pattern 😉

This pattern on itself is quite basic. Obitsu and Monster High share the most important measurements (for knitting at least), therefore this dress also fits Monster High dolls, though you might want to put the waist a bit higher on MH girls :


Also works well with the white wig

On to the pattern! (German translation coming soon!)

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