T-Shirt Dress for Tonner and similar 16” fashion dolls


Thanks to a very reasonable priced offer from MelGDolls, I was able to add this lovely green witch (Tonner “Cyclone Cantata”) to my collection. Yes, the nude dolls are much more reasonably priced, therefore I forwent the lovely dress this doll normally wears and decided to knit sth. up. Yes, she will get a black dress (or several), but until these are finished, she will have to wear what is available, among other things this colourful T-Shirt Dress 😉

Basically, it is knitted very similarly to the basic top and skirt, but with some more stitches in circumference (4st, 4*11st instead of 4*10) so that it does not stretch as much over the bust area.

The colourway was a surprise for me, too, as this was made from my lovely “advent calender” gift skein 🙂

Have your eyes adjusted again after this onslaught of colour? Then, off to the patter we go!

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Basic Jumper for Tonner Tyler and similar sized dolls (16” fashion dolls)


(Sidenote: I only just noticed that the WP reader feature does not show me all post of the blogs I follow ;_; Will have to start stalking manually again…) My dollieh collection just grew bigger. And by bigger I mean that I now made the jump to 16” fashion dolls 😉 I was lucky enough to score my very first Tonner Tyler for a reasonale price (for Germany, mind you) on evilbay. She is a 2006 “Blush and Bashful” and still has the pink headband attached. I am torn as to whether to cut it off or not; for now, it will stay. Here she is, wearing the jumper this pattern will be for. Don’t be afraid, the colour change comes from the yarn 😉 The trousers are heavily modified from this patter for MSD sized dolls (purchase pattern). My first try knitting for her yielded less than satisfactory results, even though other knitters managed to turn out beautiful dresses from one of the few free patterns to be found for Tonner sized dolls. It was knitted according to this pattern (follow the link on ravelry to their website and scroll down through the lovely purchase patterns… at the end there is the free patter 🙂 )However, if you rather want to put a sweater or longer sweater on your Tonner or similar sized doll, have yet another standard top down raglan pattern: On to the pattern! Continue reading

Pullover für Tonner Tyler und ähnlich große Puppen


Meine Puppensammlung wird größer. Und mit größer meine ich, dass ich mittlerweile auch eine 16 inch (ca 40 cm) Tonner Tyler mein Eigen nenne. Sie ist eine 2006 “Blush and Bashful”und trägt sogar noch das rosa Haarband. Hier ist ein Bild von ihr, in dem Pullover, den ihr schon  bald stricken werdet 😉 (keine Furcht, der Farbverlauf kommt schon vom Garn!)

Die Hosen sind basierend auf, aber stark angepasst von dieser Anleitung für MSD (englisch, zahlungspflichtig).

Mein erster Strickversuch für diese Größe war nicht ganz von Erfolg gekröhnt… andere haben aber wunderbare Kleider aus einer der wenigen frei zugänglichen Anleitungen für diese Größe gezaubert!  Hier der Link zur Anleitung  auf ravely, von dort aus auf die Webseite und nach ganz unten scrollen (Anleitung auf Englisch)

Wer allerdings lieber einen Pullover (oder verlängert ein Pulloverkleid etc.) haben möchte, liest weiter. Auf zur Anleitung!

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