Quick turtleneck sweater for Dollfie Dream (Sister) (and similar, like Smart Doll etc.)


This quick sweater was needed for my new Dollfie Dream girl, because I did not pay attention and got the head in another skin tone, so high collars were needed 😉

New quick turtleneck sweater

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SD hat “wyrm inspired” (also fits Blythe)



An easy little hat, because winter is coming 😉

New SD hat :-)


  • 2.5 mm DPN, 4ply yarn (fingering weight)
  • cast on 72 st. Divide onto three DPN to close for knitting in the round.
  • Rounds 1-8: k2 p2
  • Rounds 9-13: knit
  • Rounds 14-18: purl
  • Rounds 19-23: knit
  • Rounds 24-28: purl
  • Rounds 29-33: knit
  • Round 34: (the hat should be about 6.5 cm in total now)
    *p6, p2tog*
  • Round 35: purl
  • Round 36: *p5, p2tog*
  • Round 37: purl
  • Round 38: *p4, p2tog*
  • Round 39: knit
  • Round 40: *k3, k2tog*
  • Round 41: knit
  • Round 42: *k2, k2tog*
  • Round 43: knit
  • Round 44: *k1, k2tog* (if you want, purl the remaining rounds, then the crown will be purled, I just like it better in knit st.)
  • Round 45: knit
  • Round 46: *k2tog* k1
  • Round 47: *k2tog* k1
  • Cut yarn, pull through remaining st. and draw closed

If you want the hat to be longer, just add more sections of alternating k 5 rounds, p 5 rounds 🙂

Dolls in trains


Just to share an amusing incident how dolls bring people together: my dad works with a train company and saw a lady travelling with her dolls. He called me to let me speak to her and lead her to my knitty blog! 😉

Many greetings, traveller! 🙂