Minifee socks


Do not leave your poor dollies with cold feet 😉

Just had to knit her some socks ;-) #bjdknitting #bjd #msd #socks


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Dolls in trains


Just to share an amusing incident how dolls bring people together: my dad works with a train company and saw a lady travelling with her dolls. He called me to let me speak to her and lead her to my knitty blog! 😉

Many greetings, traveller! 🙂

Preview / Vorschau ;)


Just so you know what to expect in the next weeks: I just scheduled patterns for the Pumpkin skirt and the sweater dress for Minifee 😉

Damit ihr wisst, was euch in den nächsten Wochen erwartet: Ich habe gerade die Anleitungen für den orangen Rock und das Pulloverkleid für Minifee in die Warteschleife gelegt 😉

Pumpkin skirt Sweater dress

2015 already!


Wow, that was fast. We are already a week into the new year! Currently I have the feeling that my knitting kind of stagnates. This might, however, be due to the fact that I knitted. SO. MANY. SOCKS. for Christmas… still have one pair on the needles for myself ^^”

As for dollieh knittings, while recently knitting for the MSD-sized girls, I really like seeing them in their knitwear, however, knitting for the 1/6 scale bunch is more “fun”. It just is finished faster, which is why I love it – insta-gratification 😉

I swapped with a nice knitter from a ravelry forum and got a package of small laceweight yarns – such good quality! I really love the feel of them. (I ordered “cheap” laceweight for the dolls and well let us just say that knitting with quality yarn is more fun 😉 ).

Even though I am shamefully not yet finished with my advent calender skein (currently Yoga socks for mom on the needles, but I am not really partial to the pattern somehow…), I have started a little lace dress for my Obitsu 27cm girl ^^”

As far as plans for this year go, I hope to knit more different things for my dolliehs (and for a new treasure dollieh I am waiting for) and of course to put up more pictures and pattern here. Recently I have started to knit easy cable patterns, so there might be a pattern for that soon.

What I really have to start is to put up pictures of the knitting even if I cannot provide a pattern; after all, this blog was meant to keep an overview of the dollieh things I knitted for myself and others and to introduce my doll addiction to whoever might be interested 😉