Hiho, my username is samseramsamsam. You can also find me on ravelry.


If you have any questions or just want to chat about dollies, knitting etc., feel free to drop me a line at [myusername]  🙂 Or just comment on this post!

Wenn ihr Fragen habt oder euch einfach mit mir ein wenig über Puppen, Stricken, etc. austauschen wollt, schreibt mir gern eine E-Mail an [meinBenutzername] 🙂 Oder lasst hier einfach einen Kommentar!

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. hello! I have been enjoying your cleverness and humor for years! I have not yet made your patterns. I foolishly tried making something on my own and it was a disaster! I have been looking for Tonner 16″ doll clothes, and there you are!! I was told by a woman who made Tonnerdoll clothes that she uses Barbie patterns and makes them with bigger needles and yarn and they fit her 16″ dolls. I did not know that that would work. I want to knit from a pattern, aneasy one, I am not a fancy knitter! do you have an opinion how and with what I should start? I am also fascinated that Barbie clothes could be enlarged so easily. Thank You for your time. Vicki Stone

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