(Ever Growing) List of Links

Here I will try to put up the links to patterns etc. in a more sorted fashion 😉


Do you already know ravelry 🙂

Barbie Clothes at stickatillbarbie.se (free patterns for Barbie fashion dolls in many languages)

Icebluemchen’s patterns, free patterns for MH dolls (German site!)

Clothes for Monster High (some also fit Obitsu 23/25):

Most Monstrous Dress” (for Goolipe/17” MH!!) (free pattern)

Yet another Gothic Lolita inspired dress” (free pattern)

Little Lolita Dress / Kleines Lolita-Kleidchen (free pattern)

Basic Short-Sleeved Dress (free pattern)

Dress with underskirt / Kleidchen mit eingestricktem Unterrock (free pattern)

Outfit with coat (free pattern)

Monster High Sweater Dress (free pattern)

Urban Mermaid Dress (free pattern)

Shrug for Monster High Dolls (free pattern)

Spring dress for MH and EA dolls (free pattern)

A shapely sweater dress (available for a small fee at ravelry)

Steampunk Dress (purchase pattern; small fee)

Twisted Rib Dress (purchase pattern, small fee)

Dress “The Witching Hour” (purchase pattern; small fee)

Mock Pleat Skirt and Jumper (purchase pattern; small fee)

Clothes for Obitsu 1/6 and Pure Neemo (S) (smaller also fit Monster High)

A-Line Sweater with Turtleneck (for Obitsu 21/23 cm and MH, free pattern)

Lacey Summer Dress for Obitsu 21/23 and MH, free pattern  / Sommerkleid mit Lochmuster für Obitsu 21/23 und MH

Summer Romper for Pure Neemo (S) (free pattern)

Clothes for Makie 10” doll (or Blythe, even if a bit large on these)

Basic Cardigan for Makie (or Blythe) (free pattern)

Clothes for YoSD dolls (e.g.  Littlefee)

“Tresses”, a sweet little cable sweater (free pattern)

Clothes for Tonner Tyler / Ellowyne / slim MSD (e.g. Minifee, Unoa) dolls and similar

Basic comfy Sweater (free pattern, auch auf Deutsch), passt auch Minifee und Unoa

Basic skirt and Top (free pattern, auch auf Deutsch)

T-Shirt Dress (free pattern)

Winter socks (free pattern)

Bonnet and Scarf (free pattern)

Square neckline dress (free pattern (follow link on ravelry and scroll all the way down on sewcool), but I had some problems with the fit. However, others made wonderful dresses! Mine rather fits Obitsu 60…)

Clothes for Obitsu 40/48 and some slim MSD, e.g. Minifee, Unoa

Playful Cable sweater (free pattern) (too large for Minifee / Unoa!)

Romper / Trägeroverall (free pattern)

Box Hood (free patten) (a bit small on the Obi40, but perfect for Minifee 🙂  I recommend sleeves at 20st, not down to 16)

“Lazy” T-Shirt dress for Obitsu 48 (might fit MSD)

Basic comfy Sweater (free pattern, auch auf Deutsch), passt auch Minifee und Unoa

Clothes for SD-10 / Obitsu 60

SD halter-dress (free pattern)

Clothes for Picco Neemo (might also fit tiny BJD)

Little Dress for Picco Neemo (free pattern, English and Deutsch)


Standard top-down raglan jumper (free pattern)


Bootsies (MSD/Obitsu40/48/50/60)

Wintersocks (Obitsu40/48/50)

Socks (MH; free pattern; I prefer to knit these in the round)

Socks for Pukifee (fits Makie!) (free pattern)

Shawl with a-jour pattern (Lochmuster-Dreieckstuch,l German!)

Fairytale Hoodlet (MH, free pattern)

Hat (free pattern; A36)

Yarn Wig

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