My Dolliehs

As the collection grows, I feel like I should give a brief overview of the brands and types I have around (okay this is mostly for myself so I have pictures of my pretties 😉 ) “BJD types” Acquired in Jan 2015 from junkyspot (via ebay). As for stringed dolls, I only have the Hujoo Freyr around. Though he is not made from resin, but from ABS plastic (which made him so much more affordable ^^”). He will get a faceup sometime soon, I hope (I have the respirator, now I just need the time and better weather for spraying for base and finish with MSC…), I will update pictures then.

Loki – Hujoo Freyr not happy about not having a faceup, but striped PJs 😉

Momo – such a cute round face 🙂

Obitsu 40 cm body with Ai-chan head Acquired in Jan 2014 from the DoA market place (fullset with many additional parts). As with all the Obitsu dolls, I am again and again amazed at how much another wig or eyes etc. can change a doll 🙂

In the blog, you have already seen “Little Odo”, who does not yet have a faceup (Obitsu 48).

And here is Skadi, the little giantess among my little army of dolls. She is an Obitsu 60, with a Gretel head and a lovely faceup by her previous owner

Skadi sitting

Makie doll Zirella (custom face up and nails done by lucyintheskywithdemons)

My beloved little band of smaller Obitsus and Azone hybrids.  The faceups I gave those that had none are rather basic, but enough for me 😉

Ismene – Obitsu 25cm with Nano Haruka head (face up by Chu)

Dango – Obitsu 11 cm body with Parabox/Obitsu “Neko” head (yes, I have the cat ears lying around. No, I did not get them into these small holes on the head…)

Amaya – Pure Neemo S body with Parabox/Obitsu Petite Hime head

Antimony – Obitsu 23 cm HB (hard bust) with Parabox/Obitsu Fairy/Pixie head (these eyes are so small and such a pain to insert, she might never get new eyes…)

Nieves – Azone Picco Neemo body with Parabox/Obitsu Petite Fairy head (which is bigger than the “Fairy/Pixie” head…)

Kei – Obitsu 27cm with prepainted Kai head

Tonner Dolls

Tonner Cyclone Cantata

Tonner Blush and Bashful

ESPecially Prudence

Ellowyne Essential Red (previous owner chopped off her hair so she could be wigged)


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