My MAKIE arrived :)


Yes, I am an adult. Yes, I just spent a certain amount of money on a doll. But hear me out! This is not just any doll. This is a Makie. Meet my Makie, Zirella.

first full look

A Makie is a 3D-printed doll! At their website you can actually customize your very own doll’s face. (It is quite fun to play with the editor even without ordering 😉 You can even name your Makie later when clicking on their profile).

Alas, you know me, I love dolls, and getting my very own, quite unique doll, AND 3D-printed to boot? (yes, I am fascinated with that, too) – I was sold (i.e. the doll was).  (Have some picture heavy “review” thingie under the cut) Continue reading