Basic dress for Obitsu11 / Pukipuki


(scroll down for German pattern / Runterscrollen für deutsche Anleitung)

After all that knitting for dollies of the 1/4 and even 1/3 scale, I wanted to knit something tiny again for a change – it just knits up faster 😉 Basically, this dress is really quite similar to one of my Monster High patterns – but the smaller needles and thinner yarn make it fit my Obitsu11 (this doll has nearly the same measurements as the Pukipuki dolls 😉 )

Obitsu 11 cm dress

(Caipi’s faceup was done by the talented Shinya :))

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Romper for Minifee-sized slim MSD / Trägeroverall für slim MSD in Minifeegröße


Für die deutsche Anleitung ganz nach unten scrollen. / scroll down down down for German pattern 😉

overall / romper

When it still was hot as hell here, I decided that my doll needed some summerwear… luckily, now the temperatures are more moderate and I can enjoy looking at her in nice sweaters again.

The hat she is wearing was made from this free pattern 🙂 (I used only 3mm needles as I did not have larger ones available at the time).

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Dress for the Most Monstrous Monster High Doll / Kleid für die bisher monströseste MH Puppe



Well. This doll. 17 inches of Monster High. While generally I quite like the Monster High dolls, and I am really impressed with that one’s range of motion (double-joints!!), I just cannot get over how MASSIVE her head is in proportion to that insectoid body. Yes, I know that the smaller MH girls have similar proportions, but on that scale (1/6) it does not bother me that much.

I have to admit, Gooliope was the first MH doll I thought about selling again at first sight. Boiling straight that rat’s nest of hair, giving it a fabric softener “spa” treatment and putting her in another dress did help some, though.

The pattern for the dress is under the cut!

This pattern is for the 17” doll! / Diese Anleitung ist für die 43 cm große Puppe!

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Standard Raglan Jumper for Lammily Doll / “RVO” für Lammily


(für Deutsche Anleitung ganz nach unten scrollen!)

As I am currently knitting a very nice, but very “interestingly” constructed pattern, I have a new appreciation for our standard raglan sweaters 😉

Derzeit stricke ich eine sehr interessant konstruierte Anleitung für einen Hoodie, daher habe ich eine ganz neue Wertschätzung für unsere Standard “RVO” (Raglan von oben) Pullover entwickelt 😉

Lammily knitwear

Today a completely different size: Lammiy! Basically, she is a 1/6 doll, but smaller and much stockier than e.g. Barbie. Her figure is… interesting to knit for, even clothes for Makie and/or Hujoo dolls do not fit. The circumference gets closer to MSD size (1/4) o_O

Note: dressing this doll is much easier if you (carefully!) take her hands off.

Heute mal eine ganz andere Größe, nämlich für die Lammily Puppe. Grundlegend eine 1/6er Puppe, ist sie aber doch kleiner und wesentlich stämmiger als Barbie. Sie hat eine… interessante Figur; selbst Makie/Hujoo Kleidung ist ein wenig schmal für sie. Im Umfang müssen wir quasi schon auf MSD (1/4) Größe hochgehen o_O

Anmerkung: Zum Anziehen am besten (vorsichtig!) die Hände abnehmen.

On to the pattern! / Auf zur Anleitung!

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Let that yarn be unbroken dollieh booties / Schuhchen ohne Absetzen


(für Deutsche Anleitung ganz runterscrollen!)

I am trying to knit some nice thingies up for a friend whose baby is due in July. After much searching, I finally found the PERFECT pattern for baby booties. Knit in the round, without having to break and rejoin the yarn multiple times! 🙂

And after some tweaking, also great for booties for ‘bitsus 😉 (40-60 cm bodies, feet size: 6-6.3 cm length and 2-2.2 cm in width, so they should also fit all BJD with similar sized feet)

shoes and paws

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“Lazy” Obitsu40 /MSD Short Sleeved Dress (kurzärmeliges Kleidchen für Faule) ;)


(Für die Deutsche Anleitung nach unten scrollen!)

On the weekend I decided to “recycle” basic patterns for my Obitsu 40 and 48 cm dolls 🙂

"Little Odo" in hand-knitted dress

I added an easy little cable in the front, but the basic construction is the same. The dress is “lazy” because this time, I did not scale up with thin yarn, but basically used nearly the same amount of stitches and thicker yarn (ok, not completely the same, but only 8×4 st in circumference = fast dress 😉 )

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Rock und Shirt für Tonner (oder Puppen ähnlicher Größe)


Ja, schon wieder die Tonner Tyler. Ich habe eine neue Puppe und sie braucht neue Kleider 😉

Heute ein hübsches Ensemble bestehend aus einem glatten langen Rock mit passendem Oberteil. Der Rock ist sehr inspiriert von einem Monster High Kleidchen auf ravelry, sucht nach “Kleid in zwei Varianten” 😉

Der “Circle Shrug” (wie heißt sowas auf Deutsch o_O) ist hier unter den Projektnotizen zu finden.

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