Ellowyne Wilde


Ok I solemnly swear to my bank account that this really is the last doll for 2014 😉

I really love that in doll collector forums you sometimes have the opportunity to grab a dollieh at reasonable prices. I found a lovely Ellowyne Wilde! She is, or more like was, the Ellowyne Essential Red. However, previous owners chopped her hair off to be able to put different wigs on her. She really has a lovely face, painted on green eyes.

What made me really happy is that she can wear my Makie’s wigs 😉 (However, I’ll stick to 7-8 inch wigs; 6-7 inch does not fit Ellowyne and is a really close fit on the Makie).

Rock und Shirt für Tonner (oder Puppen ähnlicher Größe)


Ja, schon wieder die Tonner Tyler. Ich habe eine neue Puppe und sie braucht neue Kleider 😉

Heute ein hübsches Ensemble bestehend aus einem glatten langen Rock mit passendem Oberteil. Der Rock ist sehr inspiriert von einem Monster High Kleidchen auf ravelry, sucht nach “Kleid in zwei Varianten” 😉

Der “Circle Shrug” (wie heißt sowas auf Deutsch o_O) ist hier unter den Projektnotizen zu finden.

Dann mal auf zur Anleitung! Continue reading

Basic Skirt and Top for Tonner and similiar 16” dolls (e.g. Ellowyne etc.)


Yes, it is with the Tonner doll again. I have a new dollieh and she needs clothes 😉 Today we have a lovely ensemble of basics – a long skirt (easily adaptable for shorter skirts) with a matching short sleeved shirt. The skirt was strongly inspired by a lovely free pattern for Monster High (German pattern though, look for “Kleid in zwei Varianten” on ravelry. The matching circle shrug was made according to this lovely and easy free pattern (project notes) from ravelry. Well, then on to the pattern for the skirt and shirt! Continue reading