Basic dress for Obitsu11 / Pukipuki


(scroll down for German pattern / Runterscrollen für deutsche Anleitung)

After all that knitting for dollies of the 1/4 and even 1/3 scale, I wanted to knit something tiny again for a change – it just knits up faster 😉 Basically, this dress is really quite similar to one of my Monster High patterns – but the smaller needles and thinner yarn make it fit my Obitsu11 (this doll has nearly the same measurements as the Pukipuki dolls 😉 )

Obitsu 11 cm dress

(Caipi’s faceup was done by the talented Shinya :))

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Teal cable sweater, MSD size


Blue cable sweater

This is again a fairly standard sweater, no waist shaping or anything, but this time, with cables 🙂 Top-down raglan, seamless. MSD size (my lovely little model is an Obitsu 40 cm body with the “Kanna” head).

The “real” cables are in the front (middle) and on the sleeves. The smaller cables are just mock cables with crossed stitches.

This pattern has not yet been test knitted! Therefore, proceed with care and please let me know if you encounter any discrepancies! (… be my guinnea pigs 😉 )

Please refer to the measurement chart for Obitsus; my model is an Obitsu 40, and e.g. for Minifee, the sweater is rather on the “comfy” side (i.e. bit too wide)

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Too lazy for “real” cables / zu faul für “echtes” Zopfmuster


The time sharing Obitsu body is lucky enough to receive many clothes, as it is like knitting for another doll once you pop another head on 😉

Obitsu Megu Obitsu Kanna, handknitted clothes

These jumpers are standard “topdown raglan” sweaters, knit in the round. The cable is a mock cable, basically you knit k2p2 ribbing and cross the knit stitches in every 4-6ths row (knitting the second stitch first, but leaving it on the left hand needle, then knitting the first stitch and slipping these both stitches to the right hand needle). If you knit flat, do that in a right side row!

Der Teilzeit-Obitsu-Körper bekommt derzeit die meisten Klamotten, weil es sich anfühlt, als würde man immer für eine neue Puppe stricken, wenn man einfach den Kopf wechselt 😉

Dieses Zopfmuster ist ein “falsches” Zopfmuster, da die Maschen quasi nur verkreuzt abgestrickt werden. Man strickt 2re2li Rippenmuster und in jeder 4.-6. Reihe wird bei den zwei rechten Maschen jeweils zuerst die 2. Masche auf der linken Nadel gestrickt, aber auf der Nadel belassen, dann die erste, und dann beide auf die rechte Nadel gehoben. Wenn man nicht in Runden strickt, muss dies in einer rechten (=Vorderseiten-)Reihe geschehen!

Let that yarn be unbroken dollieh booties / Schuhchen ohne Absetzen


(für Deutsche Anleitung ganz runterscrollen!)

I am trying to knit some nice thingies up for a friend whose baby is due in July. After much searching, I finally found the PERFECT pattern for baby booties. Knit in the round, without having to break and rejoin the yarn multiple times! 🙂

And after some tweaking, also great for booties for ‘bitsus 😉 (40-60 cm bodies, feet size: 6-6.3 cm length and 2-2.2 cm in width, so they should also fit all BJD with similar sized feet)

shoes and paws

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“Repurposed” Dress for Obitsu (40-60 cm)


There once was this dress (free pattern) that was knitted in anticipation of my first Tonner Tyler – and turned out way too wide for her.

However, I was happy to find that it fits great for the larger Obitsu lot! 🙂

Here it is on my Obitsu 60, admittedly a bit short as it was knit for MSD/16” size, but you can see the fit.

Square neckline dress from ravelry (free pattern)

“Lazy” Obitsu40 /MSD Short Sleeved Dress (kurzärmeliges Kleidchen für Faule) ;)


(Für die Deutsche Anleitung nach unten scrollen!)

On the weekend I decided to “recycle” basic patterns for my Obitsu 40 and 48 cm dolls 🙂

"Little Odo" in hand-knitted dress

I added an easy little cable in the front, but the basic construction is the same. The dress is “lazy” because this time, I did not scale up with thin yarn, but basically used nearly the same amount of stitches and thicker yarn (ok, not completely the same, but only 8×4 st in circumference = fast dress 😉 )

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Wintersocks for Obitsu (48, and similar 1/4 and/or 1/3 dolls)


Today is again all about socks! For dolls, I think I am a sockaholic 😉

These socks fit Obitsu 48 (and 40) and should be okay for BJD with similar foot measurements (6cm length/2.2 cm width)

Obitsu48 with as of yet face up -less Misuzu head

The basic principle is the same as with the socks for Ellowyne. The heel is a short row heel using shadow wraps.

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New Year, new dolls ;)


Weeelllll so not buying many more dolls will be one of my resolutions (however, those I will buy will be more expensive ^^”).

Though I still look at my Monster Highs fondly, I do not think I will buy any more of these (at least until I see that 17” girl they will bring out in natura). However, I have to admit that knitting for the Monsters still has the advantage that, given their bodyshape, projects for them are finished much faster than for the larger dolls… Every now and then I will just make a little sweater for them so as to not get frustrated with larger projects. Yes, I am a sucker for instant gratification.

My newest acquisitions lead me dangerously close to the BJD realm: a Hujoo Freyr and an Obitsu 40cm with an Ai-chan head 🙂

Yes, the Freyr will get a faceup some time soon.

Yes, I did fall so in love with the large Obitsu that I am already planning how to get enough money together to get one of the larger bodies with about at least three heads ^^” (the heads are quite cheap, the bodies are the priciest items on these dolls). However, compared to their stringed resin cousins, they still are quite reasonable priced. While personally, I like the anime aethestics and will get the anime heads, Obitsu also offers some lovely “realistic” sculpts. Their “anime” heads plus the 50cm bodies get really close to the Dollfie Dream aesthetics 😉

Though this little gem was purchased from a lovely collector from a forum, my “dealer” of choice for all things Obitsu is the parabox. Yes, they ship from Japan, so you have to be careful about postage and customs, but compared to most other sources *cough* evilbay *cough*, their prices are okay. If, however, you are inside the US, you might rather want to look towards the junkyspot 😉 )

In my opinion, the great poseability and the easy handling make the Obitsu dolls much more desirable for me than the stringed dolls. For example, though I would not part with my little little Hujoo Freyr, which I already named Loki ;), the stringed dolls really are a bit problematic for me. The Hujoo, though made form ABS plastic, is stringed, and already this small 1/6 scale doll holds a tension high enough to make it hard to impossible for me to e.g. take his head off and put it on again alone. (I have some problems with my hands/wrists, and pulling against tension is sth. that is quite hard for me to pull off.).

The large scale Obitsu dolls come with a magnetic stand, which is basically a metal plate you put the doll on, which has magnets in their feet and can stand all on its own! (The Hujoo, too, can stand on its own, resulting from its good stringing.) Poseability is great in both dolls!

The little sweater for the Hujoo is our standard raglan sweater with 4×8 st in circumference plus 4×8 (2x [2×8]) for the sleeves (64 st total) on 2.5 mm needles with fingering yarn. For the trousers and hat I might post a pattern soon, but I am not totally sure anymore what I did exactly with the hat ^^” I can tell that it is 48st in circumference.

The Obitsu’s sweater is 4×12 st in circumference plus 4×12 for the sleeves (for sleeves then pick up 4 stitches under arm when knitting them) on a 2.5 mm needle with fingering yarn. The cabled yoke is knit separately (10 st width, about 27 cm lengths), then swen together as the collar. The working stitches are then picked up from the yoke (I picked up 4×16 and then started with the standard raglan increase).

“Hippie” Turtleneck Sweater Dress (for Monster High and Obitsu 23 cm)


Obistu Nano Haruka Head on a 23 cm SBH (boots: mimiwoo)

This little dress came from a remainder of sock yarn (4-ply fingering yarn). As most of my dollieh things do 😉

The “hippie” part more refers to the colourway of the yarn.

Originally, I just wanted a longer sweater, but then I was curious how the colour pattern would turn out on this small scale. It is always a delight for me to see how different the precoloured yarns turn out in dollieh dresses. (Yes, I am easily amused.)

You want yet another pattern featuring a raglan increase? Here we go: Continue reading