Basic Jumper for Tonner Tyler and similar sized dolls (16” fashion dolls)


(Sidenote: I only just noticed that the WP reader feature does not show me all post of the blogs I follow ;_; Will have to start stalking manually again…) My dollieh collection just grew bigger. And by bigger I mean that I now made the jump to 16” fashion dolls 😉 I was lucky enough to score my very first Tonner Tyler for a reasonale price (for Germany, mind you) on evilbay. She is a 2006 “Blush and Bashful” and still has the pink headband attached. I am torn as to whether to cut it off or not; for now, it will stay. Here she is, wearing the jumper this pattern will be for. Don’t be afraid, the colour change comes from the yarn 😉 The trousers are heavily modified from this patter for MSD sized dolls (purchase pattern). My first try knitting for her yielded less than satisfactory results, even though other knitters managed to turn out beautiful dresses from one of the few free patterns to be found for Tonner sized dolls. It was knitted according to this pattern (follow the link on ravelry to their website and scroll down through the lovely purchase patterns… at the end there is the free patter 🙂 )However, if you rather want to put a sweater or longer sweater on your Tonner or similar sized doll, have yet another standard top down raglan pattern: On to the pattern! Continue reading

“Hippie” Turtleneck Sweater Dress (for Monster High and Obitsu 23 cm)


Obistu Nano Haruka Head on a 23 cm SBH (boots: mimiwoo)

This little dress came from a remainder of sock yarn (4-ply fingering yarn). As most of my dollieh things do 😉

The “hippie” part more refers to the colourway of the yarn.

Originally, I just wanted a longer sweater, but then I was curious how the colour pattern would turn out on this small scale. It is always a delight for me to see how different the precoloured yarns turn out in dollieh dresses. (Yes, I am easily amused.)

You want yet another pattern featuring a raglan increase? Here we go: Continue reading

Makie’s Makeup


Zirella’s head and hands were sent to a very nice customizer for a beauty session. I am really overwhelmed with the result, she turned out so absolutely lovely!


Here she is with her full makeup and one of her new sweaters 🙂 (Sweater used the basic pattern for the MH basic short-sleeved dress without the skirt part and on 2.5mm needles with corresponding yarn, here 6ply sock yarn Jawoll. For the collar, I knitted one round, purled one round, knitted another round, purled another round, then continued knitting with the raglan increase)

side detailsfaceup without hairside details 2

Some detail shots. She now also has a cute little tattoo behind her left ear and another earring high in the same ear. Did you notice the cute little nails 😉

Isn’t she a beauty 🙂

Formfitting dress with little star buttons


…aaand because I wanted to take a picture of this before I take it off my little CaM-Vampire model again, here a more formfitting sweater dress. Not as easy to knit as the “plain” sweater/dress, but it has a really nice form that is worth the bloody lifted increases 😉

ImageThe pattern can be found on ravelry:

A shapely sweater dress (available for a small fee at ravelry)

The little star buttons I got from ebay. I now want to buy AAALLL the little buttons. They are so cute. Less cute is getting the respectively thin needle threaded and getting the buttons positioned where you want them… (and of course because I am an addict there are the matching socks).

Ghoulias Knitwear for Lounging


For this week a rather badly edited (due to less than optimal light conditions in this weather…) picture of my Ghoulia in one of the first jumpers I knit:


I cannot offer you the exact pattern for this one, but I’ll link you to a similar version. I like to knit these in the round.

This particular lovely pattern was devised by icebluemchen, and you can even buy lovely little sweaters for very little money from her little shop 🙂

The colourful pattern this sweater sports came directly from the yarn (sock yarn), and the little socks are made from the same yarn.