Update/Life Sign ;)


Yes, I am still alive 😉

To tide you over until the next pattern (which will be a Monster High dress), have some pictures of my latest projects:

Monster High dress with extra underskirt

I really love the "sturdier" feeling of the Pure Neemo body. It is heavier and not as poseable as the Obitsu body, but imho prettier

Azone Pure Neemo body with Obitsu “Petite Hime”-head

Casual Picco Neemo with new Voodollieh toy (voodollieh found on ebay)

plain onesie for Obitsu 11cm

My MAKIE arrived :)


Yes, I am an adult. Yes, I just spent a certain amount of money on a doll. But hear me out! This is not just any doll. This is a Makie. Meet my Makie, Zirella.

first full look

A Makie is a 3D-printed doll! At their website makie.me you can actually customize your very own doll’s face. (It is quite fun to play with the editor even without ordering 😉 You can even name your Makie later when clicking on their profile).

Alas, you know me, I love dolls, and getting my very own, quite unique doll, AND 3D-printed to boot? (yes, I am fascinated with that, too) – I was sold (i.e. the doll was).  (Have some picture heavy “review” thingie under the cut) Continue reading