Elegant Evening Dress for Tonner Tyler / Elegantes Abendkleid für Tonner Tyler


Alas, I completely forget to boast about the nice black dress I made for my Tonner witch 😉

Black Dress at last

Though it looks complicated and the lace pattern surely was a pain to knit, the basic principle on this again was easy.  Top down raglan increase 😉 (I think it was 4×12 st in circumference + 2x 12 st for each sleeve, with fingering weight yarn on 2mm DPN) The sleeves are then put aside. I did not even knit any decrease for the waist, just some rows in garter stitch for the bodice. Increase for the skirt was done with kfb (2x; with one round knit in between) plus/minus enough stitches to get a number you can work a small arrowhead lace pattern with (in the round). Skirt and sleeves were knit not with entirely black yarn, but with black with a gold glimmer. The small arrowhead lace pattern is repeated in the short sleeves. (Yes, SHORT sleeves, because MAN DID I LEARN TO HATE THAT LACE PATTERN ^^”)

Jetzt muss ich doch endlich mal mit dem schwarzen Abendkleid meiner Tonner Hexe angeben 😉 Nachdem sie so lange in bunter Kleidung rumstehen musste. Auch wenn es auf den ersten Blick vielleicht kompliziert aussieht und das Lacemuster eine Qual war, ist das Prinzip des Kleides wieder unser einfaches “vom Kragen an mit Raglanzunahme”-Prinzip. (Ich glaube, es waren 4x 12 M im Umfang + 2×12 M je Ärmel, mit 4-fädiger Sockenwolle). Die Ärmel wurden stillgelegt, damit weiter runterstricken kann. Ich hab nicht einmal eine Abnahme für die Taillie gearbeitet, nur ein paar Runden kraus rechts (li/re Runden im Wechsel). Für den Rock wurden die Maschen 2x verdoppelt (eine Runde rechts dazwischen), plus minus “dreckiger” Zu- oder Abnahmen, um die Maschenzahl für das Lacemuster zu erreichen. Hier habe ich mit einem kleinen Arrowhead-Lacemuster gearbeitet. Der Rock und die Ärmel wurden nicht in ganz schwarz, sondern in schwarz mit Goldglitter gearbeitet. Das Lacemuster wird in den kurzen Ärmeln wiederholt. Kurze Ärmel, weil ich dieses Lacemuster am Ende wirklich gehasst habe und einfach fertig werden wollte 😉

T-Shirt Dress for Tonner and similar 16” fashion dolls


Thanks to a very reasonable priced offer from MelGDolls, I was able to add this lovely green witch (Tonner “Cyclone Cantata”) to my collection. Yes, the nude dolls are much more reasonably priced, therefore I forwent the lovely dress this doll normally wears and decided to knit sth. up. Yes, she will get a black dress (or several), but until these are finished, she will have to wear what is available, among other things this colourful T-Shirt Dress 😉

Basically, it is knitted very similarly to the basic top and skirt, but with some more stitches in circumference (4st, 4*11st instead of 4*10) so that it does not stretch as much over the bust area.

The colourway was a surprise for me, too, as this was made from my lovely “advent calender” gift skein 🙂

Have your eyes adjusted again after this onslaught of colour? Then, off to the patter we go!

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Witching Wardrobe


I have this compulsion to make clothes as soon as possible for the dolls I bought “naked”

Something wicked this way comes… This little ensemble is one of the newer knittings from patterns I liked. It consists of a formfitting dress, little socks and a beanie hat from the same yarn (patterns down below).

This little witchling I bought “nekkid” from ebay. The Create a Monster Sets come with only one wig for two dolls anyway (if you’re lucky, if not, you only have one torso anyway… always look twice before buying! These sets often exist in two version, with either one or two bodies). I am thinking of putting her up on ebay with these clothes. Thoughts?


The Witching Hour”, available for a nominal fee at ravelry

Socks (free pattern)

Hat (pattern A36 under “Accessoarer”; available in multiple languages)

My little tweaks: I always knit both hats and socks in the round. Personally I find this much easier: no purling, no need to sew in the end etc. 🙂 However, some people balk at the thought of knitting in the round at all and/or only having 14 stitches to do so…

My favourite needles are 2mm  double pointed needles, Symfonie cubics (also used for these items; most 4-thread sock woll can easily still be knit with these).

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