Things I learned about knitting…

This is more a collection of things for me to remember, but maybe someone might find some useful hints 🙂

  • cable patterns “eat” circumference -> cast on some more stitches! (not too many, though)
  • about any lace pattern can be knit in the round if the second row is purled -> just knit that round
  • crotchet thread knits up nicely and similar to lace weight yarn, but is more “slippery” on the needles
  • you can never have too many safety pins (as I do not like to put live stitches aside on yarn)
    okay the yarn method won me over 😉 (at least for larger partitions like sleeves etc.)
  • For Minifee: 2mm DPN, 4ply yarn, 4×12 in circ (plus sleeves each 2×10(+2), dec down to 20)
  • I knit very firmly…

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